Dog Walking Service in Marin

Mt. Tam Dog Company in Marin offers exceptional service tailored to the physical abilities and needs of each individual dog. Below, explore the Mt. Tamalpais Trails we frequent and view our reasonable rates for service.

We want your dog to be excited about their outing and looking forward to their next trail-time. One of the key things we consider is that they are matched with the right pack. Like us - each dog has  unique abilities and temperaments. Making a good match helps insure that they have a safe and rewarding outing. This extra attention to your dogs needs adds up to one happy dog!

Our service is unique because each piece is the best that it can be. We not only have great Pack Leaders but we are able to provide the best trail-time experience to your dog as well. Trails are selected to meet the needs and 'likes' of all the four-leggers in our care. We also provide variety–the spice of life. And when they're ready, a little extra challenge now and then to sweeten their day.

Select the INFO button below to learn more about the area pathways and Mount Tamalpias trails favored by Mt. Tam Dog Company.

Trails and Byways

Trail Map Legend
IMG-Mt. Tam Dog Co.
Advanced Trail1. Miwok
Intermediate Trail2. Coyote Ridge to Dias Ridge Trail
Bunny Slope3. Mill Valley to Sausalito Path 
Beginner Trail4. Tenderfoot
Intermediate Trail5. Tenderfoot
Bunny Slope6. Cascade Falls
Expert Trail7. Hogback Ridge Fire Road
Intermediate Trail8. Old Railroad Grade
Beginner Trail9. Gravity Car
Beginner Trail10. Hoo-Koo-E-Koo 
Intermediate Trail11. Eldridge Grade Road
Expert Trail12. Indian Fire Road
Advanced Trail13. Blithedale Ridge Fire Road 


All hikes include pickup and delivery.


Group Walks (Max 6 Dogs):
$35 | 2-dog household: $60 per walk

Privates and Semi-Privates are offered at our discretion.


Weekend Warriors (1/2 Day Adventure):
$56 | 2-dog household: $54 per walk

4–5 Walks Weekly:
$30 | 2-dog household:   $50 per walk 

2 Hikes in One Day:   $50 per walk

Prices may vary based on special needs or requirements.