Kennel Pro Insurance

Kennel Pro is an provided service to help protect your dog.

We are proud to provide Pet Owners and Dog Walkers to exceptional coverage. When you schedule dog walks with Mt. Tam Dog Company, you’re backed by premium insurance with Kennel Pro. In order to protect our business reputation and to reduce risk while handling multiple dogs, each Walker is insured and bonded with Dog Walking Liability Coverage.

The Details

Owner Pets

This coverage is valid for injuries to the pet owner's pet(s) in the sitter or dog walker's care, custody, and control.

Sitter or Dog Walker Pets

This coverage is valid for injuries to the sitter or dog walker's resident pet(s) as a direct result of contact with the pet owner's pet.

General Liability

General liability responds to claims for bodily injury to a person other than the sitter, dog walker, pet owner, or someone directly related to the pet owner, sitter, or dog walker. This also responds to claims for pet owner's property damage that occurs as a result of a sitter or dog walker's services.

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