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Our Commitment to You & Your Dog

At Mt. Tam Dog we care for your dogs as if they were our very own. They deserve a quality of care that is not only the best, but completely verifiable. We strive to bring you a truly unique service with complete accountability from the moment your dog walks out of the house, until he or she returns.

Mt. Tam Dog takes pride in defining a New Standard of Dog Walking. This is not your average stroll or visit to a dog park. We design a specific program for your dog by using a trail-ranking model analogous to skiing.  From Bunny Slopes to Double Black Diamonds, we offer a wide range of difficulty levels.  Our Pack Leaders are physically capable and passionate about pushing themselves to provide your dogs(s) the upmost optimal care and appropriate exercise. This is not a "one size fits all" dog walking service. We customize our walks around your dog’s specific needs and abilities, so that your dogs are always placed in their most appropriate groups. They are never mixed in with groups at random. Our priority is to keep your dog(s) Safe, Healthy and Active!

The 3 Pillars

Trusted Care by Mt. Tam Dog Co.

Build Safety and Trust

We cover a lot of ground at Mt. Tam Dog Company. We are consistently moving and asserting our position as Pack Leader on the trails. We strongly believe in ON leash exercise. Although off leash can tire your pup out, it lacks the structure and discipline needed to satisfy your dog’s pack mentality. We believe that once our position as Pack Leader is established, we are then able to satisfy every dog’s biological need to cover ground with their own pack! On leash walks assure optimal control of the pack while hiking on the trails. There are a number of potential risks encountered on the trails: fast moving mountain bikers, deer, coyotes, jackrabbits, and other dogs.

Our Pack Leaders are trained to have complete control of up to (6) dogs in order to have a safe and productive hike. Each Pack Leader carries a backpack that holds extra walking supplies, medical kits and plenty of water. Our Pack Leaders have been trained to use specific dog walking techniques and apply safety protocol when faced with situations out of their control. Because safety is our number one priority, we are always aware of our surroundings before we begin and end each hike. Rest assured, we go above and beyond to provide the attention and care your dog deserves!

Convenient Service from Mt. Tam Dog Co.


Mt. Tam Dog raises the barcode in pet care and dog walking. We use Pet Check to provide you with the confidence you deserve for your pet. Pet Check is a proprietary system that provides all parties with real -time certainty that your dog is being taken care of. We do this by using mobile barcode technology, email alerts, photos, GPS tracking and online tools for accuracy and convenience. You will also be able to view daily group photos and track detailed GPS coordinates of your dog’s walk on our Mt. Tam Dog Company Facebook feed using an additional application called, Map My Tracks. This technology records your dog’s walking distance, activity speed, time, ascent/decent and elevation. Last but not least, you will be able to manage your dog walking schedule through the secure online management page. Automated reporting of arrival and departure times arrive via email and mobile, so you can see exactly when your dog was walked. When you hire Mt. Tam Dog, you’ll have no reason to doubt that you were provided with the service you were promised.

Convenient Service from Mt. Tam Dog Co.

Healthy, Happy Pet

Our customers hire us because they want to enhance their dogs well being with the appropriate exercise. Each dog walk is customized by using the following trail categorization based on difficulty i.e. Bunny Slope, Green Circle, Blue Square and Black Diamond. Our Pack Leaders are always moving at a healthy pace depending on their group’s rankings and abilities. We hike up to 4 miles and less for those that are more suited for a slower paced walk. No matter the mileage, you can always be assured that your dog is provided the most exercise appropriate for each unique dog. Because we monitor and track your dog’s activity with the latest GPS technologies, we are able to create the best exercise programs that are not only healthy, but completely verifiable. Simply put, we believe that exercise for both our Pack Leaders and for our dogs is the key ingredient to overall happiness. We feel lucky that we can call the beautiful hills of Mt. Tamalpais our place of work! Read our Dog Walking Service page for more info.  

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