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Peace of mind

William Lane

I LOVE Mt. Tam Dog! I have rarely encountered such dedication and integrity in a business. Rain or shine, they have been walking my dog 5 days a week for over 3 years, starting when he was just a pup. I work all day so I have to know I can rely on them to do their job when I am not home. Their ‘Pet Check Technology’ sends me an email when my dog is picked up, and another when he is returned home, so I know exactly when he got his nice long hike! And I can check out the photos and GPS tracking map to see where they went and how happy the entire pack is! Dave and Erin always text me if there is ever going to be the slightest change, and even if the scheduled walker has to be away for an emergency, they always arrange coverage with someone else from their great team. Most importantly, my dog LOVES all of his walkers and is ecstatic every time he hears them coming up the stairs. It gives me such peace of mind to know that someone I can really trust is taking such great care of him when I can’t be there myself. I am so grateful to have my dog in their pack!