Mt. Tam Dog Co. Malaga and Momo

I enjoy getting email notifications during pick up and drop offs

William Lane

We’ve had our two dogs (both Dalmatians) in the care of the team at MT Tam Dog Company for several years now and we’re really happy with their service. Erin and Dave – the two founders of this business – are very approachable and super responsive, which is something that I really appreciate.

At first, we only had one dog (Momo) and before they accepted her into the pack, Dave came by our house to “interview” her. I really enjoyed meeting him and listening to the philosophy behind the business. Later, when we got a puppy (Málaga), he came over again and checked her “compatibility” as well.

What I really enjoy is getting email notifications when they come to pick up the dogs as well as when they drop them off. Sometimes they even leave little notes, such as this one: “Momo and Malaga did super today! Malaga didn’t pull hardly at all, and Momo was very easy as always. We had a fun hike :)”

Just recently, they also introduced dog boarding and we had a very good experience with that as well. Eddie – who also walks our dogs throughout the week – stayed at our house, while we enjoyed a few days of “kids free” time! He kept us informed with pictures every day – we loved it