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I enjoy getting email notifications during pick up and drop offs

Mt. Tam Dog Co. Malaga and Momo

We’ve had our two dogs (both Dalmatians) in the care of the team at MT Tam Dog Company for several years now and we’re really happy with their service. Erin and Dave – the two founders of this business – are very approachable and super responsive, which is something that I really appreciate.

At first, we only had one dog (Momo) and before they accepted her into the pack, Dave came by our house to “interview” her. I really enjoyed meeting him and listening to the philosophy behind the business. Later, when we got a puppy (Málaga), he came over again and checked her “compatibility” as well.

What I really enjoy is getting email notifications when they come to pick up the dogs as well as when they drop them off. Sometimes they even leave little notes, such as this one: “Momo and Malaga did super today! Malaga didn’t pull hardly at all, and Momo was very easy as always. We had a fun hike :)”

Just recently, they also introduced dog boarding and we had a very good experience with that as well. Eddie – who also walks our dogs throughout the week – stayed at our house, while we enjoyed a few days of “kids free” time! He kept us informed with pictures every day – we loved it

Uli Bilke
Malaga & Momo

Prices are totally reasonable

IMG- Mt. Tam Dog Co.

Simply put: the best there is. I know that’s just my opinion, but I have had dogs in all the big cities in California for the past 15+ years — and I have hired *lots* of dog walkers. I’ve only had bad experiences with a few — and the rest have been really good. But Mt Tam takes it to another level. Erin and Dave set the bar really high — and it shows in all the amazing walkers they hire. They simply treat every dog like it’s their own dog — and it shows every day in everything they do. You can’t put a price tag on that (and by the way, their prices are totally reasonable, too!).

Harper & Conner

We love the accountability of the company

Mt. Tam Dog Community

I called Mt. Tam Dog Company about a year and a half ago. I had a Dalmatian puppy with lots of energy and a need for socialization. I thought at the time that it would be a quick couple of months thing-nothing long term. One and a half years later we are still here!! We love the walkers, we love how much exercise our dog gets and we love the accountability of the company. I can see exactly where he’s been, how long the walk was and I get a text every time they pick up and drop off our dog. Erin and Dave and all their walkers are customer focused, dog focused and really professional.

Alison Taylor

A new standard

The dog walking industry has a new standard to live up to! Dave represents the pinnacle of dog walking; more like dog hiking! In addition to being wonderful with animals, and being a true dog lover, he is responsible and ultra-mindful. Dave brings a new level of accountability to dog walking (hiking) w/ gps, Facebook tracking, txt pictures and updates on in/ out times. Our 7-month old Murphy comes home exhausted each day (tough task w/ a lab puppy!), and as new dog parents we now prescribe to exhausted dog= happy parents! Thank you Dave (and Erin!) for your high standard and creating such a wonderful community in Mill Valley. We look forward to supporting you in whatever way we can.

Your friends, Drew & Hilary

Drew & Hilary Lipner

Dave is my dog’s bestie!

Hutch & Ginger

Truly, truly amazing. Dave is my dog’s bestie! He waits for Dave’s immaculate truck, unbridled enthusiasm whether its 90 and sunny or 40 and rainy. Dave is such a positive person, smart, completely committed and talented with 4 and 2 legged creatures! They add sunshine and a huge help to this entire family. They are a part of my family now. Your dog is lucky to spend time with their pack! Highest ranking plus 5 stars!!!!

Lea Morrison
Hucthie & Ginger

MTD is professionally run

Scout, our Golden Retriever, loves being a part of Mt. Tam Dog Walking Co. Every morning, she is excited to hike the mountain with her pack which is determined by an assessment of the dog(s) age, fitness level, athletic ability and disposition. Scout is very loyal to her pack leader who is well trained, outdoorsy and a dog lover. The pack leader(s) are reliable, knowledgable and polite. MTD is professionally run, the scheduling and billing are streamlined and simple, making life a bit less busy. I would recommend Mt. Dog Walking Co. to anyone who is looking for the ultimate dog walking experience.

Linda Bettinger

Peace of mind

Mt. Tam Dog Community

I LOVE Mt. Tam Dog! I have rarely encountered such dedication and integrity in a business. Rain or shine, they have been walking my dog 5 days a week for over 3 years, starting when he was just a pup. I work all day so I have to know I can rely on them to do their job when I am not home. Their ‘Pet Check Technology’ sends me an email when my dog is picked up, and another when he is returned home, so I know exactly when he got his nice long hike! And I can check out the photos and GPS tracking map to see where they went and how happy the entire pack is! Dave and Erin always text me if there is ever going to be the slightest change, and even if the scheduled walker has to be away for an emergency, they always arrange coverage with someone else from their great team. Most importantly, my dog LOVES all of his walkers and is ecstatic every time he hears them coming up the stairs. It gives me such peace of mind to know that someone I can really trust is taking such great care of him when I can’t be there myself. I am so grateful to have my dog in their pack!

MLB in Mill Valley

A life saver!

Benson and Bear

Mount Tam Dog Co. has been a life saver! We live off a trail and the accessibility of the house has made us go through various dog walkers. Mount Tam Dog Co. has been the most reliable, and my dogs Benson and Bear are always excited to go on their hike!

I love to see the pictures posted everyday on Facebook, as well as the emails upon arrival and upon the completion of the hike. It always makes my day to see little notes from the friendly dog walkers on how the pups did on their hike!

If you are in the Mill Valley area, I highly recommend!!

Andrea Lively
Bear & Benson

Wonderful, reliable, and accommodating

I’ve been using Mt. Tam Dog’s pack walking service for several years, and cannot recommend them highly enough. Dave and his crew are wonderful, reliable, and accommodating. They have taken great care of my Bernese mountain dog since she was a puppy. Their communication is excellent, and scheduling is extremely easy with Erin’s prompt responses to all emails. Thank you Mt. Tam Dog!!!

Stephanie Dorfman


Mt. Tam Dog Community

The team at Mt Tam Dog is exceptional. The owners, Dave and Erin, run a top notch organization. They care deeply about the dogs and have built a fantastic local business. Their dog walkers have become part of the family and go out of their way to make sure our boy is happy and healthy. I highly recommend them.

Seriously, ya’ll do a great job!

Thanks, Matt

Matt Strain